How To Check 9mobile/Etisalat Data Balance

  1. How To Check Data Balance On 9mobile Using A Quick USSD Code

With a shortcode you dial on your phone, 9mobile will reply with a message containing details of your remaining balance and some other important information.

  • Simply dial *228# to see your balance details.

The above is one of the working codes to check 9mobile data balance, meanwhile, you can also use the one below just in case the first one didn’t work for you or is unavailable.

  • Simply dial *200*3*2# to view MB balance.

If you are using Blackberry mobile devices, the code is different to check the BB data plan balance.

  • Simply dial *339*2# to see balance details.


  1. 9mobile Data Balance Code: How To View Balance Manually.

First, dial *200# to see the list of available service 9mobile renders at the moment.

Now, type 3 in the space and hit send on the next screen, reply 2 which is “Check Data”.

You should see your data balance details immediately after the last action.

It’s that simple.

Using the above code, you can easily migrate to any tariff plan of your choice like More Flex, MoreCliq, etc.

And that’s not all, I still have four (4) more ways to check data balance on 9mobile.

  1. How To Check 9mobile Data Balance Using SMS

Checking available data bundle balance via Messaging app is amongst the known ways to many and below is how to.

  • Sms INFO to 228 or
  • Sms BAL to 228.

9mbile will reply with a message containing your available data balance and other important info.

While it’s possible to check the Etisalat data plan using ussd and sms, you can also do the same with the 9mobile app and online.


  1. How To Check 9mobile Data Balance Online

It’s simple. All you have to do is visit the 9mobile official website, locate the required menu and demand for your active data plan balance information.

Here is how it goes:

  • Visit You should see the 3dash on the left.
  • Tap on 3dash. Now, here is the list of services 9mobile can offer you. All you need to do is select one of the drop-down.
  • Tap USSD. After that, you will be taken to your mobile device Dialer with *200# available.
  • Dial the code. Reply 3, reply 2 to see your data balance.


  1. See Data Balance Details Using 9mobile App.

(Note: you will be unable to use the app unless you register with a number)

  • Now Proceed.

From the My9mobile application, you can buy a data plan, check your account balance, check your data balance and many more.

And mind you, your data connection must be active, unlike the USSD and SMS method that requires no extra charges.


  1. Contact Customer Care For Your Balance.

You may also reach out to 9mobile customer care for your balance details. Use one of the following means to contact them:

  • Customer care line: 200
  • Line 2: 08090000200
  • Email Address:

This method may look funny but believe me, customer care has access to your account information.

Once you call them and ask for your data balance details, follow the instructions given by the representative and you’re good.


How To Check Airtime Balance On 9mobile.

If you also want to know your available credit balance on your line, you can do that using the quick ussd code below:

  • Simply dial *232# to see your account balance information.

You will see a pop-up containing your target info and also a message from 9mobile (Etisalat) Nigeria.


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