AliExpress: How To Order Products From AliExpress Safely in Nigeria


Just like Amazon and Ebay, is a leading online store where thousands of sellers worldwide showcase their goods and products for sale. You can easily order for a product safely from AliExpress from Nigeria without any hitch.

If you also want to start a mini importation business easily here in Nigeria, AliExpress should be your destination as there are a lot of wholesalers, exporters, importers, manufacturers, individual buyers and even suppliers to buy goods from.

Although there are trusted wholesalers on who sell different products that you can import easily into Nigeria at affordable prices, you should be careful as there are a lot of scammers on AliExpress website when compared to top US online stores (Amazon and Ebay) who buyer protection is top notch.

How To Order Goods/Products From AliExpress Website Safely

To safely order any product or goods from, follow the procedures below.

  1. Go to and either sign in or sign up if you don’t have an already existing account.
  2. Search for a product to order in the search bar by typing the keyword or you select a category on the AliExpress website and find the product you want to order.
  3. Select your desired product and click the “chat now” option to contact the seller on the details of the product you want to order.
  4. You can also drop a message for the supplier if he or she is offline by clicking on the offline link and as soon as their merchant comes online, he will see it.
  5. If you like the product, click on it and enter the quantity of the product you want to order.
  6. Click on “Buy Now” button on the AliExpress website or add the item to cart if you want to order for more than one product.
  7. You will see a page that shows different shipping method for your product on for you to choose (note that if the shipping cost is cheap, it means that it will take long to get your desired product to your address.

How To Make Payment For Your Order On AliExpress in Nigeria

On the AliExpress website, when trying to purchase a product, you will see different payment options namely:

  • Payment via Visa card
  • Payment via Mastercard
  • Payment via Western Union
  • Payment via Bank Transfer

For Nigerians who wish to make payment for products on AliExpress, you will have to use a domiciliary account as the use of debit card has been blocked by most Nigerian banks or limited to $100 USD a month by some banks.

How To Track Your AliExpress Order

You can easily track your AliExpress order by selecting the “My Orders” option on your accounts page.

You would be able to see the status and location of the product you ordered and monitor its movement.

Once your product enters into Nigeria depending on the shipping method, it will be sent to a nearest post office. At the post office, you would have to pay the sum of N500 or N1000 as clearance fee for you to pick your item.

If you want to shop safely on, buy from top rated sellers with 5-star rating and good customer reviews as buying from unrated sellers can be a risk as they are not trusted.


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